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NDIS provides funding for people with significant and permanent disabilities. At Aryanna Community Services, we provide our capital support services to help people with disabilities live a better life, focus on their goals, guide them towards success, provide them opportunities to grow, and promote and encourage them toward healthy and independent living.

Specialized Disability Accommodation

It offers accessible features to help individuals live independently and makes the delivery of supporting services to the individual more efficient.

Assistive Equipment Recreation

We provide assistance and equipment used in sports or other recreational activities for people living with a disability.

Assistive products - household tasks

Assistive products for household tasks are provided to help disabled individuals do their chores independently

Communication & Information Equipment

The equipment we provide for communication & Information includes all the Assistive listening devices, excluding hearing aids.

Personal Mobility Equipment

The equipment to enable the mobility of disabled individuals is provided, including wheelchairs, transfer aids, and equipment for walking.

Vehicle Modification

It includes changing or installing equipment in a vehicle for the safety and comfort of individuals, whether passengers or drivers.

Vision Equipment

It includes equipment for navigation, orientation, guide dogs, magnifiers, note-taking, and braille to support disabled individuals to live independently.

Hearing Equipment

At Aryanna Community Services, we provide the best equipment for individuals with any hearing disability.

Home Modification

It includes necessary changes in houses to adapt living spaces to meet the requirements of people with disabilities so they can continue to live safely and independently.

Custom Prosthetics

It includes fitting custom prosthetics to meet individuals' specific needs and enable them to live better lives.

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