Aryanna Community Services

Core Services

Core Support

NDIS provides funding for people with significant and permanent disabilities. At Aryanna Community Services, we provide our core support services to help people with disabilities live a better life, focus on their goals, guide them towards success, provide them opportunities to grow, and promote and encourage them toward healthy and independent living.

Assistive products - personal care/safety

We provide products to assist individuals with disabilities, such as personal care and safety products, including beds, pressure mattresses.

Interpret and Translate

We provide interpretation and translation services in personal, social, or community activities. The translation is not available for mainstream service

Assistive Travel / Transport

We assist in travel/transport by renting adaptive vehicles. An individual can rent adaptive cars and travel safely and comfortably.


We provide necessary support and assistance to ensure comfortable and safe accommodation for individuals with disabilities.

Household Tasks

We help perform household tasks that individuals cannot accomplish independently. It may include yard work or household chores, including Cleaning, Meal preparation, Delivery, and Grocery Shopping

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